Our Community

Our Community

At Sentara, you belong.

Our team members are proud to call Sentara their employer and understand how they help transform the lives of our neighbors. We care about our people and our communities.

Matthew Talley

Athletic Trainer

Gametime for Matthew Talley Means Rehab, Injury Care—and Even Paying Attention to the Weather

Chelsey McLaughlin

Registered Nurse
“I’m really big on teamwork,” says Chelsey McLaughlin. “You’ll always have a buddy to lean on at Sentara.”

Joanne Williams-Reed

Director of Patient Care Services
A Preordained Career and a Passion for the Outdoors – Meet Joanne Williams-Reed

Crystal Spicer

MRI Team Leader

“We’re all here for the same reason, to take care of people, to make a difference in someone’s life in that way.”

Karl Neumann
Transplant Coordinator
Sentara Team Member Part of Groundbreaking Living-Donor Transplant
Liz Fujiwara


Naval officer brings her experience as a service member to her role as a nurse

Melissa Hunter


“Treating and advocating for the ‘whole person’ is an important part of treatment, especially when dealing with dementia patients,” she says. “You can’t treat one without the other because they are so intertwined,” she explains.

Bethany Gilstrap


“I am so thankful for how close our team has become. It allows us to support each other through difficult situations and show up in more meaningful ways for our patients and their families. This is a difficult field and without the support from my team, I don’t know if I’d still be in it.”

Nicole Franqui

Sports Dietitian

“We do a great job with open communication and supporting each other during the week.”

Joshua Banks

CT Tech

“Helping and supporting my peers through difficult times is incredibly rewarding to me. Receiving a big thanks and a smile can turn an everyday shift into a really rewarding experience.”