Our Careers

Our Careers

At Sentara, you belong. 

Our team members are recognized, rewarded, and respected by leaders and colleagues. Your passion, skills and heart to serve others help us to improve health every day. 


Tiffany Corpuz

Team Coordinator

‘Endless learning opportunities’ at Sentara for long-time team member

Jodie Nemeth

Clinical Dietician
Dietician Says Taking Care of Yourself Must Come First
Mike Semon
Cybersecurity Architect
Flip of a Coin and an Elvis Impersonator:
Meet Mike Semon
Paul Bennett
Social Worker
How a Conversation with His College Roommate Inspired Paul Bennett’s Career
Tracey H. Stallard
“As they say, the rest is history,” says Tracey, who has been a nurse for more than 30 years. “I absolutely cannot imagine doing anything else as a career.”

Milinda McLawhorn

Environmental Service Technician

“Because of my years of experience in environmental services at Sentara, I have become more confident and know that we have a voice that needs to be heard and ideas that are important.”

Jean Glovacz

Project Manager

“Whatever your position or situation, I urge everyone to utilize Sentara’s benefits to go back to school for something you are passionate about.”